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WalkAway® plusSystem
Our 4th generation of full automation – the WalkAway plusoffers time-saving maintenance features

autoSCAN®-4 System
Transcending decades, this semi-automated analyzer is perfect for low volume usage or supplemental testing

LabPro Information Manager
Organize microbiology lab data and automate workflow while detecting results that demand review

LabPro Connect
Designed to take information access to a higher level, this software advances lab efficiency and streamlines workflow.

Conventional Panels
Traditional microdilution ID/AST with the fewest limitations of any automated system

Synergies plus® Panels
Perfect blend of speed and accuracy – MRSA in 6.5 hr, VRE in 8 hr with built-in overnight backup

Rapid Panels
Same day results – Gram Neg and Pos ID by 2.5 hours, MICs for routine Gram Neg isolates MIC by 7 hours

MICroSTREP plus® Panels
MIC testing for all Streptococcusspp. using CLSI microdilution supplementation and incubation standards

ESβL plus® Panels
Confirmation and susceptibility testing for ESβL-producing organisms using CLSI recommended dilutions

Specialty ID Panels
4-hour ID results for routine yeast species, fastidious gram-negative rods and anaerobic bacteria